Some Advice

  • Stay away from do-it-yourself repairs! Often this may seem like the best solution to spending more money, it is usually a better decision to take your vehicle to a technician. Even simple tasks such as brake work, fixing the check engine light or changing oil can lead to complications if you aren’t versed in the proper technique.
  • Don’t ignore what your car is telling you. According to the Car Care Council, 80 percent of the vehicles on the road need service or repairs, which is a dangerous and scary fact. Regular maintenance is how to keep your older vehicles reliable and long-living.
  • Read your owner’s manual. Reading your owner’s manual can be the best source to go when figuring out how often your car needs to be serviced or repaired.
  • All repair centers are different. Most shops will have different rates, different practices, and different ways of filling out their auto repair estimate, which means you need to be alert as to how their quoting works. What may appear as the cheapest quote may not be once everything is taken into account.

When choosing a repair shop one of the first things you’ll want to know is how fair will your local shops will treat you. We’ve put together a list of trusted repair shops across the nation. Chances are we can vouch for a shop near you.